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Top Digital Right Management Systems to Try

A digital property right deserves protection as much as any other. It is relevant for investment platforms that work with virtual currencies, blockchain, and online trading.

Why do we need digital rights protection?

It should be noted that the rapid development of digital technologies, and their use in life and business, has led to the fact that the current civil legislation began to lag behind the economic reality, which is primarily created today in a virtual, digital environment.

Until recently, digital investment platforms, a distributed ledger (blockchain), Internet trading, and other actively developing technologies and related economic phenomena did not have a regulatory framework; their regulation was chaotic and non-systematic. That is why there is a need to protect digital rights. There is even a special software for this.

Top Digital Rights Protection Software

If you are going to be involved in the field of digital rights, then you should try these systems to protect them:

  • Binder. This software is designed to control digital assets. Thanks to the application, every employee who tries to break into a closed file receive a protection message. The administrator can prevent a particular group of users from seeing files. The program is compatible with files of different formats.
  • Caplinked. This is a virtual data room where you can securely send or store files to other users. Although it uses a powerful encryption system (comparable to that in banks), it is possible to block files or restrict access.
  • Digify. The additional Digify utility will help protect digital files in the virtual data room. For example, the program can set watermarks, track files, and limit the ability to print documents.
  • MemberSpace. The platform helps not only to protect digital rights but also to earn money with the help of web content. The program has several strengths: a simple design that every user will understand without problems, the ability to make video calls using integrated programs, support for creating financial documents, and unlimited access for your customers.
  • Primetime DRM. This is a product of the well-known Adobe company. The program is widely used in the US: with its help, 99% of companies providing pay-TV services protect information. Moreover, it has the tools to protect this type of digital data, making the program very easy to use.
  • Red Points. This software is designed not only to protect digital rights but also to prevent the appearance of fakes. Not surprisingly, Red Points clients include companies such as Fila, Farsali, GameInsight, XD Design. Also, the program is excellent for protecting video materials and films from piracy.
  • Vitrium Security. Vitrium Security Virtual Data Room allows you to collaborate on content. Users can create it, edit it together, and save it. Integrations from partners such as Microsoft come to the rescue. The program is suitable for large commercial and non-profit enterprises.

You can also pay attention to a program such as Widevine. It is mainly used by producers of films and video content (for example, Netflix).